Cleaning services for Schools

Sanitation reduces germs on the surfaces and helps to reduce the risk of spreading infection. A lot of children tend to develop asthma caused by dust.

A clean healthy environment can be very effective in a students’ performance. Teachers and students should be surrounded by clean facilities to aid themselves within the learning and developing environment. It is found that a lack of cleanliness can reduce performance levels in both staff and students.

A clean school environment directly affects the health of all students and staff. And a Comprehensive Cleaning Program is the key to a healthy school. The Program should include a cleaning plan with measurable goals that cover the entire school environment – from classrooms to the cafeteria, from locker rooms to school buses.

  • A comprehensive cleaning program – including an infection control plan
  • An ongoing cleaning schedule for the entire school environment, as well as sanitizing and targeted disinfection when and where needed; and products, equipment, and methods that protect human and environmental health which is very important to our company values.

Cleaning services for Schools